Pod Fit Podiatry first began in 2015, working out of CrossFit TRG at Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.

In this location we were heavily involved with the CrossFit community to rehabilitate injuries and keep members active without foot and leg pain.

We have since expanded to two larger clinics Modbury and Findon, where our team now consists of four Podiatrists who work alongside a team of eleven Physiotherapists and three Massage Therapists. We’re a friendly bunch!

We pride ourselves on offering the very best Podiatry services you could find in Adelaide!

We work closely with many soccer, footy, tennis, athletics clubs, bowls and golf clubs, and local gyms.See more info here on our sponsored clubs that we provide Podiatry services for!

Our clinic Philosophy is to keep active people ACTIVE! We do this through having a point of difference.

Podfit Adelaide Team

10 Reasons why you should come see our Podiatrists!

  1. We actually look at how you move!
  2. We use video gait analysis
  3. 3D force plate assessments are part of your care
  4. Hands on treatments is provided – dry needling, shockwave therapy, foot mobilisation!
  5. We promote active recovery
  6. We teach self management
  7. You’ll get a written management plan
  8. We will update your Doctor on your care
  9. We make comfortable and effective custom orthotics
  10. You’ll get to see the same Podiatrist!

Looking for a fantastic Adelaide Podiatrist to help you out? Look no further!

Podfit Adelaide Team Podiatrist Working


Simply give our friendly team a call or Book Online below!


31 Smart Road, Modbury
SA 5092


166 Grange Road, Findon
SA 5023


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