​You’re in the heat of the game! 

Everything is going great, you’re sprinting fast. You’re an athlete!
You’re just about to get your hands on the ball when…



You feel your ankle roll in and a jolt of pain shoots up your leg!

You shake it off and walk it out until it feels more ‘normal’ again, and you keep playing.
You mention it to coach at half time, but figure its only an ankle and you get on with the game.
Pain remains with some swelling but you can keep playing.

Fast forward to next week, back to training. Still sore but pushing through.
The ankle is okay day to day, you don’t feel much when you’re walking.
Running is a different story. It’s bloody sore!

Fast forward a month down the track… why is your ankle still sore? It’s just not 100%.
It aches through and around the joint.

Does this sound familiar – have you had pain in the ankle since then?
Does it hurt when running?
Is the ankle weak or unstable now?

​Ankle sprains are THE MOST COMMON sporting injury. That’s right, they happen all the time.

​Many people know how to RICE: rest, ice, compression, elevate initially. But what comes after that is essential to injury prevention in the future, even if it is pain-free at this stage.

Great… so what SHOULD I be doing?
It’s always good to get a sprained ankle checked out, especially if you want to keep playing sport. Do you really want to wear an ankle brace for the rest of your sporting career?
Why not work towards strengthening your ankle!

A specific rehab plan depends on a number of things including the severity of the sprain and the individual. There are simple exercises you can easily do at home to improve stability and minimise pain.

​Hot Tip: Don’t stay off your ankle for too long if you can help it.
Depending on severity, generally 24-72 hours if needed is adequate for a “simple” ankle sprain. Evidence suggests the longer you stay off your ankle, the more delayed recovery will be!

Did you know that BALANCE training is just as important as STRENGTH work?​Balance training has been proved to reduce the risk of ankle sprains. It is an essential part of rehab. We have some simple exercises that you can quickly & easily perform. You could even do it while you’re brushing your teeth each day or waiting for dinner to cook!

1. Start of by standing on a flat surface on one leg
2. Record how long you can hold this for
3. Repeat with the other leg
Remember to keep challenging yourself & work your way up every day!

If you find this too easy – work your way through these challenges:

  • Single leg eyes open
  • Single leg eyes closed
  • Single leg standing on a pillow eyes open
  • Single leg standing on a pillow eyes closed


Single leg – flat ground – eyes open


Single leg – on pillow – eyes open
​If you’re wondering why your ankle is still sore or feels unstable, come see us for a long term
rehabilitation program tailored to your needs! Podiatrists are experts when it comes to the ankle. 
With you every step of the way! Kelsey Cammarano
Sports Podiatrist
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Author: MelissaZac