Archies Thongs

Aussies LOVE their Archies Thongs and why not! 

Archies Thongs are quickly taking over the Australian marketplace. Plus, they’re Podiatry approved! 

If you’re after supportive arch contoured thongs (but not something your Grandparents would wear) look no further!

Plus – they don’t come with a 3 figure price tag!! 

A Podiatrist’s Review of Archies Thongs

Have you ever heard someone say that thongs are bad for your feet? This is a common misconception that has no proof behind it at all.

As Podiatrists we see a LOT of feet! We can tell you that thongs, in particular well made arch support thongs such as Archies footwear, are absolutely safe and comfortable for your feet.

Try archies arch support thongs and you will feel the immediate benefits. We guarantee you will not like normal thongs again. Most of our clients say that they would never go back to a pair of Havianas or other thin options. Other thongs will feel flat and wrong after you try the unique archies arch support thongs.

From a Podiatrist perspective in fact, a lot of other shoes can do a great deal more damage to feet and toes than a humble pair of thongs would do. Many ill fitting shoes such as narrow womens high heels or men’s business shoes can do significant damage to our toes which we see in the clinic on a regular basis.

Australians LOVE their Thongs – Supportive vs Unsupportive Options

In Australia we are known across the globe for our love of thongs, it’s the Aussie way after all. When it comes to decent arch support in a thong you need to know that not all thongs are created equal. The uniquely designed archies arch support is made with an orthopaedic style arch.

A typical orthotic has many pain relieving benefits, and a decent pair of thongs can provide a very similar degree of foot correction. The amount of support has been shown to relieve many different types of foot pain, including general aches, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), achilles tendinopathy, foot arthritis and ankle pain.

Many other thongs are created purely for an aesthetic look rather than offering support to your feet as archies do. For this reason, a lot of thongs will make your feet ache and get quite sore for prolonged use. The foam material support offered in archies thongs allows more time on your feet without that aching pain occurring. Happy archies customers across Australia support this message that they really are all day thongs! 

Unique features of archies thongs which help out sore feet

There are four key features that Podiatrists love about these arch support thongs. 

  1. Real Arch Support
    – an orthotic contour is offered through the arch of the thong which helps our foot alignment. These work well for either those who currently wear orthotics, or those who are wanting an orthopaedic style support. You would be hard-pressed to find another thong which would provide the same degree of correction as these beauties!


  2. Super Comfy Material
    – With a superior design, the type of foam material is created to really mould to your feet. The benefit behind this design means that pressure is distributed more evenly through the soles of our feet, which helps to reduce focal pressure on bones and joints.


  3. No Blowouts
    – Have you ever experienced your thong popping apart? You can be stranded when this happens, and need to walk barefoot! It is really not ideal. With Archies this will never happen. The unique construction is such that the entire shoe is made from one piece of rubber, with no separate toe piece. Have comfort in the fact that your Archies will not let you down. 

  4. No Toe Clawing
    – Another unique factor is that the toe piece is made to be a little snugger. The tight strap means that your toes will not claw. Generally, our toes will grip or claw when they are trying to keep our shoes well attached to our feet – this can cause stiffer, more bent toes in time! The thongs help to relax the toes which takes the strain off our feet for long periods. 

What our clients tell us about archies thongs

“I’ve never been someone who wears thongs, but these are different”
This is a common line we hear. A lot of people don’t like thongs for many reasons; they may feel flat, their feet would get sore wearing them, or even blistering may occur with use. Many clients across Australia rave about how they can now wear thongs, the Aussie way, and feel great about it! Converted!

“My pain improves when I’m wearing these”
Archies can assist in pain reduction with various different types of foot pain. Common conditions such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and achilles tendonitis can have great results from wearing Archies thongs. The reason for this is that the style of the thong helps to create even pressure across the soles of the feet, assisting with taking local pressure off painful areas. 

“Other thongs feel wrong, I would never go back”
Whether it is due to the supreme comfort, or if our feet purely get accustomed to a great shoe there really is no going back. Clients often say that other flat thongs just feel wrong. Once you wear a pair of Archies there is no going back.

“They’re great to wear around the house”
Many clients like the option of wearing Archies at home, particularly in the summer time. If you’re someone who is on your feet a lot at home with cooking or cleaning it can be very helpful to take strain off the feet.

“I’ve got one pair in every colour!”
Again, clients RAVE about Archies. It’s not uncommon to start with one pair in black, and then transition to a navy pair, then a white, then a mint. It becomes an addiction! You’ll feel the same once you start it becomes a challenge to stop accessorising the right colour with your next outfit choice.

Convenient Design

1 piece of durable rubber.
This means they last for ages. 
They also can’t break apart! 

They look mint!

We think they look pretty similar to a Havvy thong BUT they are much more comfy. Ahh fashion meets comfort!

Orthopaedic Support

 Orthopaedic Arch Design –
Great for heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) and achilles tendon issues!

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