Biomechanical Assessement Of Walking Gait

In terms of Podiatry we are looking at the feet, however it is impossible to look at the feet without considering the influence of the knees, hips and even torso. They are all connected. A thorough Podiatry assessment includes looking at the body as a whole – and from our perspective from the feet up! A detailed understanding of movement patterns in the body, provides reason as to why injuries and pain are occurring.

What can you expect from your Podiatry consult

Video gait analysis (with and without shoes)
Postural analysis
Dynamic and functional gait assessment
Static observations of joint range of motion and positioning
Use of hand held dynamometers for muscle strength testing
Functional rehabilitation programs

Hand Held Dynamometre
Biomechanical Analysis

What about biomechanics in sport?

At Pod Fit we treat clients from a variety of sporting backgrounds. We often find that reoccurring sporting injuries are the result of compensations that can no longer accommodate the level of activity that your body requires. We seek to find the source of your issue, and treat with this in mind from the start. We will assess how your body moves generally as well as in your given sport, and ascertain which movement patterns are occurring from a biomechanical perspective, to assist in understanding your condition and treating it correctly.

Biomechanical Assessment Running
The things we look at: the right leg collapses into internal rotation, dynamic knee valgus and pronation of the foot, compared to a quite straight positioned left leg
Video Gait Analysis 1

What about biomechanics in everyday life?

You certainly do not need to be an athlete of any sort to have a biomechanical assessment. In fact, as part of every initial appointment at Pod Fit we conduct a biomechanical assessment where we look at you walking and will point out any significant observations to you. The way that our body moves every day – how we lower our bodies to sit, how we get up to stand, the way that our body moves as we walk, these are all important movement patterns. We will assess key movements and identify areas that can be worked on to improve painful symptoms and restore propulsive gait and balance.

Walking Analysis

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