Blister 101

Sore blisters on the back of the heels

Blistering on the feet is a common problem for many people who walk, run or play sports. It can be very frustrating and painful if it continues to occur. 

Common thoughts are that blisters are caused by sweating,  moisture, friction, heat or rubbing against the shoe. These are all partially correct however the main cause of blisters is SHEAR.

Shear forces make the skin stretch too much over a bone or joint, beyond the elastic capacity of the skin. A series of small tears occurs under the skin surface and fluid fills up the injured area. The injury, fluid, and pressure all make it feel pretty darn sore!

Why do blisters form?

1. Type of skin
Some people unfortunately are more prone than others to blisters.
2. High amount of friction
With walking and running the foot undergoes large amounts of force. Add wearing shoes to the mix and we have the essential ingredients to form blisters. Friction occurs when the skin, sock and shoe all grip together, causing the skin to stretch and blisters to occur.
3. Moving bone
With every step the bones in your feet move forward relative to the stationary skin. The more the bones move, the more it allows the skin to excessively shear, causing blisters.
4. Repetition
With repeated irritation on a particular area, the skin structures become weakened and blisters form. This is where a culprit shoe (either too big or too small) or bony bump on your foot can come into play, causing blisters to form more easily in certain locations.

Our Podiatrist’s best tips for preventing blisters

  • Have a Podiatrist regularly file away any hard skin near the blister
  • Get your shoes fitted properly by a trusted shoe retailer or Podiatrist
  • Get onto hot spots fast before they become fully formed blisters!
  • Don’t pop the blister! If you’re unsure get a Podiatrist to help
  • Buy  and wear socks with ample padding especially at the heel, forefoot and toes
  • Using sports tape, strap blister prone areas during sport
  • Use products such as Steigen socks and Engo Patches to stop blisters occuring
  • Don’t pop it unless the pressure is causing pain! Get your Podiatrist to help you out

Secrets to blister-free feet…

Steigen Anti-Blister socks

Did you know our socks have an anti-blister guarantee? Yes, that’s correct. Steigen socks are made from a high quality of Lycro and Microber Nylon, which prevents moisture and friction from building up. They’re great for anyone getting blisters with sports or running.

Steigen socks are only $20 per pair!

What’s next?

LIFE DOES NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE with blisters every soccer, football or netball game! You can actually stop them altogether.

If you’re after Steigen socks or Engo Anti-Blister Patches we highly recommend you come in for a Podiatry assessment!

Why – because we will pin-point the cause of your blisters using our gait analysis techniques and force plate pressure analysis system. We will get to the root cause of your blisters, and recommend you with the most suitable solution for your situation.
Did you know that your first Engo patch is free-of charge if administered during your consultation?

Put your sore feet in our Podiatrist’s hands.

You’ll run faster – we promise!

Get ready to say goodbye to blisters!

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