A Podiatrist plays an important role in assessing problems with children’s feet, including walking or running patterns. If you have concerns about your kids feet it is advised that you get them checked early on. Preventative care and treatment can avoid long term changes and injuries from occurring with growing feet. 

Children’s feet and legs are more pliable to change when they are younger, and as such treatments are more effective at a young age. The bones are softer and joint abnormalities have a greater potential for change at this point. Kids often pick up strength and coordination quickly when issues are identified early, which allows better health outcomes for many years ahead!

Do you have any of these concerns with your child?

  • Foot, ankle or leg pain that is persisting over weeks
  • Activity avoidance or being tired
  • Flat feet
  • Odd walking or running patterns
  • Not keeping up with the other kids​
  • Shoe fit issues or queries

Most of the time there may not be anything wrong at all!

For example, many parents become concerned about their child’s flat feet. While this can be a problem when it occurs later in life, it is part of normal development for a child’s foot to be flatter all the way up to seven years of age. At this point the adult arch height and shape is set. For toddlers and young kids it is completely normal for a lower arch, provided that other milestones are being met, there is no pain, and the child is healthy and active. 

​Often there is a straightforward answer and treatment to help your child improve. Your child may just need simple exercises to get their strength or coordination improved, or advice on the right footwear to get things back to normal. Getting the right advice with shoes for children’s foot pains and postures can often result in quick improvements too. 

If you are noticing ongoing pain or avoidance of activity, it is time to let a Podiatrist have a check to allow your child to feel comfortable once again.

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Conditions that a Podiatrist manages:

Skin and nail issues can become quickly sore with active children’s feet. We often see ingrown toenails with kids who have issues with nails in their family history, or even if they are a toenail picker. Skin problems that we often see include plantar warts (verruca’s). Unfortunately these are easy to pick up from other kids, and can become quite sore as they grow fast on the feet. Both toenail and skin issues are easily treatable though, and your Podiatrist will approach all foot care conditions with ease to keep your child comfortable with the treatment.

Heel pain is also a frequent presentation that is often seen in active children’s feet. This heel pain tends to be named as ‘sever’s disease’, however we prefer to call this condition a growth plate irritation rather than a disease. A lot can be done to address pain with relaxing tight calf muscles, strengthening legs, wearing supportive shoes, and providing in-shoe supports to help with easing soreness.

Come and see our Children’s Podiatrist today to have peace of mind with your child’s feet. Many children’s foot and leg issues can be simply addressed when caught early on. With the right treatment, this ensures that your child is moving well, and that they are healthy and happy in the long term. Leave their care in professional hands with our team at Pod Fit Podiatry. 


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