Children’s Podiatry

A Podiatrist plays an important role in assessing children’s feet and walking or running patterns. If you have concerns about your kids feet it is advised that you get them checked early on, as preventative care can avoid long term changes and injuries from occurring. 

Children’s feet and legs are more pliable to change when they are younger, and as such treatments are more effective when caught early on. The bones are softer and joint abnormalities have a greater potential for change at this point. Kids often pick up strength and coordination quickly when issues are identified, which allows early intervention and better health outcomes for their many years ahead!

Do you have any of these concerns with your child?

  • Frequent tripping
  • Avoiding activities or being tired
  • Flat feet
  • Odd walking or running patterns
  • Not keeping up with the other kids

Most of the time there may not be anything wrong at all!

​Your child may just need simple exercises to get their strength or coordination improved, prompts with poor postures, or advice on the right footwear to get things back to normal.

If you are noticing these concerns persisting though, it is time to let the experts have a check. 

Conditions that a Podiatrist manages: 
Put your mind at ease and let our friendly Podiatrists help your kids out!

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