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Hello and welcome from Melissa Zacharia, Clinic Director & Australian Podiatrist Of The Year 2019.

Learn more about the amazing team of Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry can help you!

Pod Fit Podiatry is located in the North-Eastern and Western suburbs of Adelaide.

Our Podiatrists offer high quality services and facilities​ to give you with the expert care and results you deserve!​

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Modbury Podiatry Business Hours:
Monday 9-7pm
Tuesday 9-7pm
Wednesday 9-7pm
Thursday 9-7pm
Friday 9-7pm
Saturday 8-12pm

Findon Podiatry Business Hours:
Monday 2-7pm
Tuesday 4-7pm
Wednesday 2-7pm
Thursday 9 – 7pm
Friday 2-6pm
Saturday 9-12pm

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Two Adelaide Clinics!

31 Smart Road, Modbury SA 5092 (08) 7226 9901

166 Grange Road, Findon SA 5023
(08) 8340 4932

Fixing sore feet & legs without surgery, cortisones or prolonged rest!

Pod Fit Podiatry is located in the North Eastern and Western suburbs of Adelaide!