​The list could go on!

Being a CrossFitter, I know the demands on your ankles and feet with training.
I can tell you right now that if you do not address a stiff ankle, it probably won’t fix itself!
What happens with poor ankle joint mobility?

Ideally, ankle joints should move in a healthy range of toes up (dorsiflexion Image A) and toes down (plantarflexion Image B). Ankle joint range can reduce over time resulting in less movement of toes up/down.

QUICK TEST! Try it out yourself!
Left and right foot – point toes UP
Left and right foot – point toes DOWN
Are you noticing the same range through both ankles? Does one bend more than the other?

What does poor ankle mobility look like?


Feet/ankles/knees/hips rotating inward from lack of ankle mobility
The body will ALWAYS compensate to allow movement to occur. With a stiff ankle, the usual compensation is rotation through the ankle joint or connected joints (knee or hip). 

Common compensations include:

  • Rolling in or turning out of ankles during squat
  • Arch collapsing in a squat
  • Hip and pelvis rotation during squat
  • Knee dropping in with a lunge
  • Calf muscles overworking to assist the ankle
  • Shin splints from from shin muscles overworking
  • Extra pronation/ankle roll in while running
Alas! It’s not all doom and gloom.
Ankles respond quickly to basic mobility work!


Ready to flex those ankles?!
The ankle joint in CrossFit
​Ankle mobility is crucial to so many movements in CrossFit, from walking and running, to lunges and squatting. Lack of ankle joint range leads on to poor position, misaligned mechanics in movement and PAIN over time.
Conversely a well functioning ankle will give you power and strength you never thought you had!
Are  you ready to:

  • Improve your squat depth?
  • Lunge smoothly and controlled?
  • Avoid injuries before they even start?!
Ankle Mobility HACKS
1. Ankle Mobility with Band

  • Place weight under foot to increase ankle flexion
  • Loop band around ankle ensuring firm resistance
  • Lunge front leg forward against band
  • Complete 15-20 reps – feel the ankle MOVING!
  • Repeat if required
2. Release through Calf & Shin Muscles

  • Using roller/barbell/kettle bell or ball get stuck into the muscle
  • Focus firm pressure on tight or sore areas
  • Work through entire calf and front of shin
  • Ahh… supple muscle!

If your ankles are giving you grief then give these a go.

Remember mobility is EASY to get but HARD to keep!
Regular mobility work pre or post wod is KEY.

​We promise you’ll notice improvements with squat depth!

With you every step of the way! 

Joe Keain
Sports Podiatrist           
P: (08) 7226 9901


Author: MelissaZac