Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are medical grade devices which provide support and stability when you are on your feet. By encouraging healthy movement orthotics help to relieve pain. They are customised to you and your feet!

Pod Fit Podiatry are known across Adelaide for their more flexible feel and slim orthotics. They’re super comfortable too! 

What are the orthotics made from?

Our custom inserts are made from PA11 Nylon, which is a premium natural organic resource. This enables us to be more environmentally sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint. 

The custom orthotic process

  1. Your Podiatrist will provide you with a full management plan specific to your goals and concerns
  2. Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis are both performed
  3. Laser scan of your feet occurs and is sent to our lab Footwork
  4. Your Podiatrist determines a prescription for what they know will work best for your feet
  5. Footwork use the 3D image of your feet and the orthotics are machined and finished off by hand
  6. Custom Foot Orthotics are produced and is returned within two weeks
  7. Orthotic Fitting appointment is arranged 

Can I wear them in all my shoes?

Sneakers will almost always cater for an orthotic to fit. Sports orthotics styles are great for soccer and football boots. For dress shoes there are slimline options available. There are some shoes which may not be suitable for orthotic treatment for example some ballet flats and open footwear. Your Podiatrist can guide you with footwear options.

​Private health rebates available for orthotics​

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