I often get asked “what boots are the best?”
The answer is that it all comes down to the individual.
Although there are some boots that have better features and materials, when deciding what boot to wear there are a lot of factors that come into play. Firstly, everyone’s feet are different which includes differences in shape, loading patterns, mechanics and injury concerns. If you throw in the amount, type of training and the ground surface, it can all become a little confusing so I’ve put together a review of some of the more common boots to make your next decision easier.

I’m pretty bias when it comes to footy boots, with Asics being my preferred boots of choice. The features of all Asics boots include:

  • 10mm heel raise – shifts your body weight forward and puts less strain on the lower limbs, therefore decreasing risk of injury. This raise is particularly beneficial for those with Achilles issues, as it reduces the load through the tendon. It may also benefit those with anterior ankle impingement by “opening up” the front of the ankle.
  • Rearfoot GEL – for shock absorption
  • Removable sock liner – making them orthotic friendly
  • Higher amount of studs – reducing overall plantar pressure, particularly around the 1st MPJ joint (big toe)

Gel Lethal Tigreor 10

  • Longer studs for better grip
  • Lighweight (speed)
  • Selwood wears them so they must be alright!
Lethal Ultimate IGS 12 (the Shoe Boot)

  • Full length cushion for comfort
  • Wider fitting
  • Slightly heavier
  • Shorter studs
  • Good preseason boot
  • Unwritten rule that you can’t wear them with black Skins
Gel Lethal Testimonial 4 IT

  • Similar to the Tigreor’s
  • More stability due to wider stud pattern but less cushion
Not a massive fan of Nike boots myself as I find them narrower and shallow compared to other brands. There’s no heel raise in them and less overall cushioning, placing extra strain on the lower limbs.  In saying that though, a lot of people wear them without any issues so give them a crack if you’d like…..or not. I’m not your dad, do what you want.
Mercurial Victory VI FG

  • Not orthotic friendly (narrow and shallow)
  • Light weight (good for speed)
  • Usually come in bright colours if you want to standout and get 3 votes on Saturday
  • Wear them if you’re a gutsy mid

Tiempo Legend VI

  • Widest Nike boot
  • More supportive than other Nikes
  • Narrow studs (better for dry ground)
  • Removable sock liner (orthotic friendly)
  • Gary Ablett racks up 40+ in them


Adidas Copa Mundial FG  

  • One of the most popular footy boots of all time
  • EVA insole for comfort
  • Traditional stud pattern for grip and flexibility
  • Deeper boot for extra comfort
  • Come in black and white (simple, yet effective)
  • Perfect for your no nonsense footy player

If you have any questions about boots or any foot related questions, feel free to contact me at PodFit Modbury (08) 7226 9901.

With you every step of the way!

Joe Keain
Sports Podiatrist
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Author: MelissaZac