Gait Analysis Explained

We use the latest technology to assess running technique and functional movement patterns

What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis involves observing how the body moves with walking and running. As a Podiatrist we pay attention to the way your feet move, but also how your body moves a whole – it is all connected!

In a single step, we break down the movement into multiple key phases-

  • heel strike
  • midstance
  • propulsion
  • swing

As Podiatrist’s we assess the fluidity of movement throughout each step. By using slow motion gait analysis we are able to break down the movement into individual segments to see where pathology may be originating from. It is important to identify deviations from the norm with gait, in order to treat contributing factors, and move more efficiently and freely!

Common concerns to warrant a gait analysis

Our Podiatrist explaining gait findings using our video gait analysis technology

  • I get arch pain
  • I get sore heels
  • My feet feel unsteady
  • My feet roll in/ out
  • My walking has changed
  • I’ve had a history of ankle sprains
  • Why do I get callus?
  • Why do I get corns?
  • My feet feel weak
  • My feet just don’t feel right when I walk

… and the list goes on! If you have any concerns with the way you walk it is best to come in and be assessed by the experts.

Do you have concerns with the way you walk or run? Let us help you out!

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