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My name is Melissa and I am the founder and principle Podiatrist of Pod Fit Podiatry.
I’m going to give you an overview of Podiatrists, myself, and how Pod Fit can help you!

So…what is a Podiatrist?

If that was your first thought, that’s okay! I’m about to clear up any confusion you may have.

Are they someone who works with kids?
No, that’s a Paediatrician.

Do they like feet?
Well… I would hope so…

Do they have a foot fetish?
Not necessarily- well not this one!

Are their feet ticklish too?
Sorry I just couldn’t stop myself!

These questions make me giggle, but I do find myself answering them often.

Okay but jokes aside, what does a Podiatrist actually treat?
As defined by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA in short) being a Podiatrist means that we have the capacity to treat the foot and foot related structures. If you think that the foot bone is connected to the knee bone and so on, then you could go so far as to say that the feet are our foundations that support us from the ground up.You could then suggest that strong feet will support strong legs and that strong legs will allow for the housing of a strong spine and just simply a healthy, well oiled human being. Okay I’m getting a bit excited here!

To answer this, I’m going to take you guys on a small journey back in time to when I was newly graduated and eager to help my first clients. I happened to be chatting to a Physiotherapist, when the question arose,“How do you manage heel pain?”

With all my university-acquired knowledge fresh on my mind, I confidently replied, “After a thorough assessment, most likely stretching the calves, taping the foot, icing the heel and custom orthotics if needed”.

He then asked, “What else would you do, if that didn’t work?“

I not so confidently answered, “I don’t know, that’s all I have…”

It’s funny how one conversation or one moment in time can be forever ingrained in your mind and consequently, drive you to be much better than you were before. I don’t think I felt the full weight of that conversation at the time, but after a couple of years practising I can look back and recognise my shortcomings. It has since been my passion to always find an answer to that question for all forms of pain.

I know that these treatments do not always work for everyone. There has to be more options out there – surely?

Thankfully, these questions eventually led me to some brilliant answers.

I have now completed multiple courses on manual therapies, local and interstate which helped me to piece together an expansive toolkit of effective treatment options. I find myself now, with six years of experience, applying these techniques on a daily basis.

Awesome! Can you expand a little on manual therapies?
Manual therapies is an umbrella term, which includes foot mobilisation, manipulation, use of an activator, soft tissue massage and/or dry needling, and along with a graded exercise program, can work towards building those feet into strong foundations to live on. We believe that foot and leg conditions require a coordinated recipe of care to work on all factors that are contributing. With this structured and in-depth treatment rationale we find that our results speak volumes. We have a lot more information coming to you about this in our upcoming blogs!

Okay so you’re a little bit different Melissa, what does your day as a Podiatrist involve?
Probably half of my day consists of manual therapies, with the rest of my day devoted to orthotic therapy and routine foot care. Once or twice a week I’ll also perform a nail surgery which is a procedure to alleviate painful ingrown toenails.

This list is by no means exhaustive but I’ll throw out some conditions off the top of my head that I see often…

Foot pain: flat feet, high arched feet, stiff or arthritic joints, heel pain, neuromas, capsulitis, bunions, cuboid syndrome, sesamoiditis, hammered and clawed toes, midfoot and ankle pain, shin splints , Achilles tendinopathy, bunions, children’s feet… the list could go on!
Nail and skin concerns: fungal nails, thickened nails, ingrown nails, callus, corns and warts.

Points I would like to make here:
1. We have traditional Pods and we have rebellious Pods – like me! Who use different, non-traditional techniques.
2. My favourite day is one which involves a variety of different conditions.
3. I want to help you and I can offer you more treatment options. 

How can we find out more?
First of all thank you for reading our first blog and getting to the end! You did it!
Please get in touch for any further information regarding our blog, treatment options, or anything you have a burning question about – we are always happy to have a chat!

We will be rolling out blogs regularly on common conditions that we treat, along with some simple tips for every day care – so stay tuned!


With you every step of the way!Melissa Shiambis
Sports Podiatrist
P: (08) 7226 9901
E: melissa@podfitadelaide.com.au

Author: MelissaZac