Pod Fit Podiatry are new to Findon! We can’t wait to meet you.We are super excited to have opened the doors to our second Podiatry clinic in Adelaide!

Our new clinic is at 166 Grange Road, Findon SA 5023

Where have we come from?Pod Fit Podiatry have been operating in Modbury since December 2016. It is with high demand that we have branched out and opened up our second clinic. We now cover the North/East and West sides of Adelaide! 

​You’ll find your friendly Podiatrists Joe and Sam here!

Why should I see Pod Fit Podiatry?

How can a Podiatrist help you?A Podiatrist is an expert who works with the foot and leg! This can cover many different issues ranging from foot pain, to calf or shin pain, fixing up a sore ingrown nail, to simply tidying up dry skin on your feet!

The best things about seeing a Podiatrist!

  • We are experts with foot and leg pain
  • No referral is required
  • We fix foot pain without surgery and cortisones!
  • We’re friendly folk – bonus!
FINDON BOOKINGS ONLINE HERE!Detailed Initial Podiatry Appointment:

  • We will sit down & chat – you’ll tell us all the details about your concern
  • We will check it out!
  • We use video gait assessment, strength and mobility checks, and will assess the general health of your feet and legs
  • You’ll receive hands on treatment at your very first appointment
  • We will explain to you why your issue is happening & how we will fix it
  • You’ll receive a full printed management plan for your recovery ahead!

Call Now!
Findon Podiatry (08) 8340 4932 

Author: MelissaZac