You can receive Podiatry care from the comfort of your phone or computer – all online! Online Podiatry appointments are a handy way of having expert Podiatry advice without needing to attend the clinic.
Consultations are available 9- 7pm on week days and 8-12pm on Saturdays.

Online appointments can be made for your very first initial appointment, as well as for ongoing standard appointments too. They are a fantastic way to receive professional Podiatry care for all your foot and ankle aches and pains with the utmost convenience.

The Appointment Process


Book your desired date and time, and securely pay to confirm your appointment.


Check your inbox for your confirmation email and the link to your appointment.


Click the link at the time of your appointment & your Podiatrist will see you very soon!

What to expect in your Online Podiatry Appointment?

Once you’ve joined our video consultation this is the structure we will follow:

  • We will take a history of your concern
  • Assessments around the problem area will be performed
  • Your Podiatrist will explain your condition in more detail
  • Guided treatment advice will follow
  • A management plan will be created by your Podiatrist and sent through straight away

Common Conditions Treated Online


Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to see a Podiatrist if you are a private paying client you are able to book in right now! If you do have a medicare referral or are covered under the Department Of Veteran Affairs (DVA) you will need a valid referral to cover your online appointment.

How long is an appointment?

The initial appointment is up to 60 minutes, and standard appointments are 30 minutes.

Where are your physical clinic locations?

We have two clinics at Findon and Modbury in Adelaide, South Australia.

What is the pricing for online Podiatry appointments?

Online Podiatry appointments are $99 for the initial appointment and $75 for standard appointments thereafter. Private health rebates are available for online Podiatry consults, if you would like to know your unique private health rebate please contact your health fund prior. The item codes are 901 for the initial appointment and 902 for the standard appointment.

What if I need a scan (xray or ultrasound) performed?

Your Podiatrist is able to fill out an x-ray or ultrasound request and is able to email it to you right at the time of your appointment.

Why choose an online appointment?

Our Podiatrists understand that there may be many factors that stop you from being able to attend appointments in person. These might include long work hours and other personal commitments, living in a country or remote location, a busy family life, limited access to transportation, physical limitations, sickness and pain barriers. Online appointments break down these barriers and allow us to help you from the comfort of your own home.

There may also be periods of time in the future where we are required to maintain social distancing standards, or you might be feeling unwell on the day of your appointment. Online appointments do not require face-to-face contact during your consultation. Using such a platform allows us to work together while still upholding safe and hygienic work conditions. During such times it’s important to continue your rehabilitation. Online appointments allow another easy point of contact to help you achieve your goals. We are able to answer any questions you may have and give advice to help you continue your journey.

Can I book an appointment if I don’t live in Adelaide?

You can make contact from anywhere in Australia – all that is required for the consultation to run smoothly is good internet connection! From this initial point of contact we can determine if you need further treatment in the clinic. For those who live interstate or remotely we may be able to refer you to help that is closer to home.

Can I transition to a clinic appointment after an online appointment?

Of course! Our Podiatrists will determine if you are a suitable candidate for in-person appointments.

Can you still help me without hands-on treatment?

Yes! Although we offer manual therapy, nail and skin care in the clinic we are still able to help with a range of conditions online to ensure you are reaching your goals. We are trained professionals in the areas of load management and training advice, return to sport management, exercise prescription, goal setting, nail cutting techniques, footwear education, pain management plans and diabetic foot care.

Your health is important to us. Our aim is to provide you with the information and support you need to continue your rehabilitation program at home!


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