What a Podiatrist can do for you!

There are many services offered at Pod Fit Podiatry as a standard for you!

Traditionally when people think of Podiatry, toe nail care, corns, callus and orthotics comes to mind. By all means, these services play a part in what we do, however there is a whole lot more Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry can do for you too. 

We offer a large range of hands on treatment options as part of our everyday treatment regimes. Gentle joint mobilisation, quicker joint manipulations, shockwave therapy, hand held massage tools and dry needling are all skills we routinely use to help you get back to your best. We find these techniques to be highly effective in reducing pain and dysfunction, and getting you back to pain free fast! ​

Unique services to Pod Fit

Did you know we offer JOINT consults with both a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist?

The benefits – you’ll get the best of both worlds, your therapists are both assessing you together and making a structured recovery plan. After this appointment your therapists will decide and discuss with you if they want to review together or separately.

What to expect from a consult

  • Full history is taken
  • Thorough Assessment is performed (gait analysis, slow motion assessments, muscle strength testing, joint mobility assessment)
  • Explanation of findings
  • Goal Setting
  • Treatment Provided (Massage, Shockwave Therapy, Dry NeedlingFoot & Ankle Mobilisation)
  • Management Plan written and explained


1. That they offer extended initials & 30 minute reviews
– we do!

2. Check they provide a Management Plan
– you’ll get it at your initial appointment!

3. That they focus on Active Recovery
– who wants to rest indefinitely?

Come and place your health in our hands!
You’ll get ALL the essentials plus so much more!

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