• “”I limp with the first few steps in the morning”
  • ” The moment I stand up I am in pain
  • ” After a while the pain eases…

…Does this sound like you?

Why do my feet hurt in the morning?

As Podiatrists we answer this question almost every day.

Would you believe that research shows foot pain is commonly the first 8 steps in the morning and 5 steps after lunch?!

Let’s run through the 3 main reason why foot pain occurs in the morning.

1. The body tries to fix itself while you rest

While you rest and particularly at night while you sleep, your body does amazing things!

We know that the brain clears out toxins that can lead to conditions like alzheimers and dementia. The body is pretty smart right?

​Did you know that at night time the immune system tries to fix up your foot pain too? Essentially white blood cells and other goodies (fluid) travels to the pain to attempt fixing it. Unfortunately when you stand up, there is a lot more pressure in the sore area, and pressure causes pain!

2. The calf muscle runs cold in the morning

Have you ever felt a bit sore, then once you got moving you felt a lot better?

This is really typical of muscle stiffness. Uh huh! Lets talk about this more.

​A LOT of foot pain is directly related to calf muscle tightness. As the calf muscle comes down into the foot via the achilles tendon when it’s tight and weak it can directly cause foot pain. In the morning muscles “run cold”but with a few steps, blood flow runs into the muscle and allows it to move a lot more easier. This takes pressure off the feet and pain eases.

3. Everything stretches out when you stand up

While you’re sleeping your feet are flexed down for quite some time! It’s just interesting really as we often forget that for 1/3 of our life we are in bed sleeping, and sleeping posture is actually really important!

Heavy quilts and blankets can exaggerate the foot position. When we go to stand up in the morning after 8 hours of having our feet pointed down, they require a bit of stretch back in the other direction. This causes pain as it’s working against the grain of the position your foot has been in for a few hours!

What can I do to help my foot pain in the morning?

In short, get the blood flow moving to the feet and encourage movement! Movement means muscles warm up, and your feet will feel MUCH MORE comfortable!
​Big Toe & Arch Stretch
Stretch the big toe back and hold for 30 seconds, feel a nice stretch along your arch
Foot Mobility
Spell out the alphabet with your feet before you stand up
Self Massage
Roll a ball under your foot for 3 minutes using firm pressure!

If you’re struggling with foot pain in the morning that has been going on for weeks?
Are the weeks turning into month?
Are you starting to wonder why?

If you’re answering YES to these questions, it is time to get your feet sorted!

Our Podiatrists will assist you in getting rid of your sore feet once and for all!

With you every step of the way! Melissa Zacharia
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Author: MelissaZac