How strong are your feet?!

CrossFit is an absolute GAME CHANGER.
5 WOD’s each week.
5am start for 6am class.
Every. single. day.
I love it. 

I know the demands of CrossFit and I can tell from what I see as a Podiatrist you NEED strong feet.
They are absolutely essential to your lifting, running and gymnastics.

The impact of CrossFit on the feet should not be underestimated!

Test your Foot CORE – NOW!
This is my favourite when it comes to foot strength. Did you know the foot core needs to be strong? Just like your abs and core. The feet are no different. With lifting and jumping a strong foot core is ESSENTIAL.Have a go at these simple tests to see how well your foot “core” muscles are switching on!

The foot CORE TESTS- 

TEST ONE – Toe Spread
1. Stand up
2. Try and spread all the toes apart. You should see a gap between each of the toe spaces.
3. Hold for 15 seconds
Is one foot easier than the other? Can you do it?
TEST TWO- Big toe up, other toes down
1. Isolate big toe up and other toes down
2. Hold for 15 seconds
3. Can you master the movement?
TEST THREE – Big toe down, other toes up
1. Isolate big toe down and other toes up
2. Hold for 15 seconds
3. How did you go?
This is one simple test of foot core strength.
Imagine if your fingers did this and you couldn’t actually control them moving – then you tried to do a handstand. Uh oh! That would be tricky.

Now, think about us walking on our feet all day every day. Running too.
We need coordinated toes and strong feet! They are 100% essential for every CrossFit Machine!

Take home points:
1. You NEED a strong foot core to be a CrossFit MACHINE!
2. Toes MUST be coordinated for ultimate stability with lifting
3. Practice these exercises every day and you’ll see the results! 
With you every step of the way! Joe Keain
Sports Podiatrist           
P: (08) 7226 9901


Author: MelissaZac