Your look down at your toenails, admiring the finished result.

Glossy and perfect.

Cuticles pushed back, the perfect shape and a bright finish.

There really is nothing more satisfying than having a pedi!

That is until you remove the nail polish a few weeks later…

Is there a stripe through my nail?
Is the nail turning yellow?
It didn’t look like that before!

As a Podiatrist we see the ill effects after a nail salon session. We see the fungal toenails, the skin infections and the disappointed faces of those who just wanted to have a pamper, but ended up with a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Having always been afraid of nail salons for these reasons, I decided to investigate and take matters into my own hands. What was going on in these parlours to give such poor results? To give my clients useful and first hand information I braved a pedi – for research purposes of course.

With a critical eye I observed every detail and I was not impressed.

This is what I found.

The clear reasons why nail and skin infections occur from your shopping centre pedi…

  • They use the same drill bit all day. That’s right. The same nail file used on me, was used on the next person and the next person. Yuck!
  • The foot bath gets rinsed with water between clients. No proper cleaning or disinfecting.
  • Nail clippers were not single use. They were used again and again.
  • They push your cuticles back – this is not necessary. The cuticle is the join between nail and the skin. Pushing the cuticle back interrupts this barrier and causes infections.
  • Nail polish is used on person to person until it runs out.

It really was not surprising to me that so many clients present to me with fungal toenails and skin infections after a pedicure!

You’re telling me I shouldn’t ever get a pedi again??!

I am not saying that you should never get a pedicure again. What I would suggest though is that you check that sterile instruments are being used and that there are clear hygiene practices occurring. Day spa’s are generally more attentive in this regard, than supermarket nail parlours.

I would strongly suggest that you see a Podiatrist for nail and skin care (nail polish is the only detail we do not provide as we are medically based).

So why choose Podiatry?
– Podiatrist’s use sterile instruments only.
– Every file or blade is single use.
– We provide regular nail care and tidy up the hard skin
– You will have peace of mind that you won’t get a foot infection!

Those who have ended up with a crumbly, yellow and smelly toenail which has not cleared out for years would certainly tell you to think twice about your next Pedi!

With you every step of the way! Melissa Shiambis
Sports Podiatrist
P: (08) 7226 9901
E: melissa@podfitadelaide.com.au


Author: MelissaZac